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"Today were gonna go over something that everyone wants to know. How do you fill out these New Jersey Expungement forms? We're gonna go over a quick example, but before we begin please remember that everyone's case is different and some of things I show you in this video might not apply in your situation.

To start this process, you have to find the New Jersey expungement forms. Now if you look at the video description we have a link that leads you to this page and if you click over here you get all the expungement forms that you need.

Now these forms were taken out of a bigger packet supplied by the New Jersey State Court. This is a step by step guide on how to get a New Jersey expungement. It’s a great resource and you should definitely check it out before you decide to either hire a lawyer, use Legalcrunch, or go at it on your own.  And if you get to the middle of this packet you’ll find that the forms are over here. SO what we did was basically isolated these seven forms that were in the larger kit.

So in our example we're gonna look at form A the petition for expungement, which is basically the most important  expungement form because this is the one that asks the court “please clear my record”. Now the cool thing about this pdf is that you can actually type right onto it, fill out, print it out and your good to go. No more messy handwriting.

Now for example I’m gonna fill it out for my good friend DImitri Jamal. As you could see its pretty basic information, address, state; simple contact information that’s not too difficult to fill out. So let say hes in New Brunswick and you... just make up a telephone number that not even a real one. And as you notice, you’ll notice that some of the fields actually gets automatically filled in. So this a pretty cool feature because you only have to fill in the name once and it'll actually fill every other name field which saves a ton of time. Because in the seven forms you probably have to put in your name over twenty times.  So that a pretty cool feature of filling it online too.

So you go down and as you can see there more contact information; this is your birthday, personal information so we can put this in. Now here’s where it gets tricky because it starts asking questions about your arrest. Now on an expungement form you have to list every arrest you were involved in, whether or not you can actually get it expunged.

In our case, Dimitri only got arrested once. So were going to fill out information about that one arrest. So this would be the date that he got arrested, which we’ll say was October 20, 2009, his twenty first birthday because people tend to do crazy things on their twenty first birthday. Over here you put where he was arrested, so let say he was arrested in New Brunswick, Rutgers.

Now here they’ll have to put the name of the offense he was charge with and the statue he was charged under. And this would be for the statue he was charged under in court not when he was arrested. So he doesn’t even remember. Luckily we have his court disposition to look at and from this court disposition we can look up the information we need. So if you look right over here, this is the name of the offense he was charged in court. Its called failure to give CDS to police. So were gonna type it in right here, failure to give CDS to police. And then were going to have to put the statue number, which we can find right over here.  2C35 10C. 2c3510C.

Now this asks for the original docket or complaint number which we can find in the court disposition. So I hope you can tell that the court disposition is actually really handy when you're filling out an expungement form. So we find it right over here. S 2008 000151. Just going to put that in right over here.

And in the next part four is filled out if the charge is dismissed and five is filled out if DImitri is convicted of the charge.  So in our example Dimitiri actually received conditional discharge, which is a diversionary program. So that means this charge was dismissed. And here we put the date it happened, so lets say his court day was January 20, 2010 and the charge this would the name of the offense again; so this would be failure to give CDS to police was dismissed by the name of court. It asks for the name of the court. New Brunswick Municipal court.

Since this was Dimitri’s only arrest so he’s pretty much done with form A. One thing we forgot to fill out actually was the county over here. For Dimitri that would be Middlesex county because that's where he got arrested. Besides that he’s pretty much done with form A, so now he just has to fill out the rest of the forms B, C, D, E, F, and G, which are pretty similar to form A.

Now you do want to make sure that you fill this in all correctly because if there is a mistake the court is going to send it back to you. Your going to have to fix that mistake, refile, and basically start the process all over again. Which is going to waste a ton of time, something people don’t have if they need this for a new job, new apartment or a loan, a whole number of reasons, so you wanna get this right your first time.

One way to do this is to use Legalcrunch. We make sure all the paperwork is completely accurate. If you wanna learn more about our service or anything else on this video definitely check out our website. "    

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